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Young women failing to fit in fitness to busy schedule
Posted on: August 27th 2017
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YOUNGER women are too busy and stressed to exercise because they waste too much time on social media, while their mothers are fighting fit and worry-free.

This is one of the main findings from the 2017 Jean Hailes Women’s Health Survey.

The national survey of 10,586 women found younger women can’t even find two and a half hours a week to do physical activity.

Many feel anxious, worried and nervous and have trouble relaxing nearly every day.

Survey director Helen Brown said younger women were feeling more anxious and time-poor because of the demands of social media.

“Hours are being spent worrying about what others are doing and what they are looking like, rather than being active,” she said.

“Older women are busy but in different ways and they are more in control of their time.”

Although the survey shows cancer is the most important health issue affecting women, anxiety comes in second, while weight is third, obesity is fourth, and depression is fifth.

The survey also shows two-thirds of women think they are overweight and only 1.5 per cent think they are underweight.

But only 46 per cent manage to do 2 1/2 hours of moderate exercise a week.

The survey shows barriers to exercising are a lack of time, being too tired and difficulty finding someone to exercise with, Dr Brown said.

Maddison Cramer works a 60-hour week, hits the gym three times a week and plays netball twice a week.

“It means I give up on sleep,” the 30-year-old lawyer admits.

Maddison’s mother, Denise, 59, is also busy, but her diary looks somewhat different.

“I just got off the golf course,” she says.

“This week I’ve played golf three times and I’ve played tennis twice. I do personal training twice a week and netball coaching twice a week. I don’t know about fit, but I’m keeping active.”

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