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World AIDS Day 2017: Can HIV transmission from mother to baby be prevented?
Posted on: December 1st 2017
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There may be two situations in which there is a chance of HIV transmission from the mom to baby, when the mom discove...

There may be two situations in which there is a chance of HIV transmission from the mom to baby, when the mom discovers the contamination after theory, 2nd, if she is HIV positive and conceives. however, in such situations, the urgency is to keep the toddler from getting an infection. till about a decade in the past this could were an impossible thought, however these days with the advances within the antiretroviral therapy or artwork medicinal drug (pills used to treat HIV sufferers) a baby to an HIV mom can be saved or be free of the virus.
We spoke to Dr Gauri Gore, consultant gynaecologist, Zen health facility, Mumbai to know how a baby of an HIV mom can be saved from contracting the sickness. right here is what she has to mention:
There are three methods wherein the mother-to-child transmission of HIV can occur: at some stage in pregnancy, at labour and transport or throughout breastfeeding.
there may be no way so as to help to prevent mother-to-baby transmission of HIV that's a hundred percentage guaranteed, but pregnant girls are prescribed artwork medicines which assist to reduce the threat of the virus being transmitted through the placenta. those medicines can lessen the hazard greatly.

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