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When Thor: Ragnarok Takes Place On The MCU Timeline
Posted on: September 7th 2017
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The exact chronology of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has arguably become one of the most fascinating aspects of the entire franchise. While the overarching story has pretty much played out in real time over the course of the last decade, some of the films have played with things and overlapped stories. In that regard, Thor: Ragnarokexecutive producer Brad Winderbaum opened up to CinemaBlend and other outlets about the chronology of Taika Waititi's highly anticipated threequel during a set visit last year, and he explained that the film (more or less) overlaps with the Earth-based Phase Three films, saying:

In the timeline of the MCU, things kind of happen on top of each other, especially now in Phase Three. They're not as interlocked as they were in Phase One, you know, during Fury's Big Week and everything. So it kind of happens maybe on top of Civil War, maybe, you know, on top of Spider-Man... Somewhere in that ball park.

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