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Turkey facing increasing drug addiction: experts
Posted on: August 25th 2017
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Narco-Terror Workshop concludes marketing plan needed to dissuade children and young people from drug addiction


The Global Research Thinking Center suggested, Monday, that Turkey is facing the challenges of increasing synthetic drug use caused by 'Narco-Terror'.

A workshop devoted to Narco-Terror was held at the Izmir Ege University Monday. It identified the threats of drug use in Turkey and the measures necessary to fight drug addiction.

According to the final declaration of the workshop, "narco-terror" is a terrorist activity systematically “narcotizing” the young people in a society and Turkey has become the target of these terrorist activities.

“Drug addiction is a policy element used as a means of shaping politics among countries,” the declaration said, adding that Turkey “is under a chemical terrorist attack via synthetic drugs”.

According to the declaration, there is a strong correlation between drug use and family structure, addicted children and drugs use is more common in divorced and divided families.

Drugs, especially cannabis use, have been common in socially, economically and ethnically isolated and discriminated societies.

The declaration suggested that society must become aware of drug addiction and the problem should become more visible in the country's agenda.

All kinds of media, adverts, marketing styles and tools that encourage children and young people to use drugs “must be strongly prohibited”, the declaration further suggested.

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