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The Director of Game of Thrones' Season 7 Finale Just Weighed in on That Cryptic Tyrion Scene
Posted on: August 30th 2017
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As Jon Snow&nb...

As Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen consummated their relationship in Game of Thrones' season seven finale, some viewers were caught off guard by Tyrion Lannister's troubled reaction to their coupling. Tyrion was shown lingering outside the door of Dany's room with a worried expression on his face, leading some fans to believe he may be in love with his queen.

However, according to the director of the episode, Jeremy Podeswa, Tyrion's concern came from a place of unease over the ramifications their union could have on Westeros' future.

"That moment, for me, was...really about Tyrion having witnessed what he witnessed this year, having a great deal of concern about what the consequences of this might be in the future," he told Mashable.

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