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The Dark Tower and the South African connection
Posted on: September 5th 2017
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The Dark Tower opening in South Africa on 8 September 2017, features power-packed performances from Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey, as well as, several talented South African actors.

Sony Pictures Releasing International confirmed that “Part of the film was shot on location in South Africa, which offered unique landscapes and awe-inspiring forests for the alternate dimension. 

The production took the company to remote places as the barren Karoo desert, where they built the Mid-World sets. To add a further layer of a parallel universe, the company moved to the Cederberg mountain range, where the protected nature reserve features dramatic caves and characteristic red rocks.”

Said production designer Christopher Glass, “Mid-World is a sort of a wasteland, yet not quite. There are a lot of remnants of an ancient civilisation that are scattered around this place; weirdly, the civilisation is a future civilization that has now become ancient.  In South Africa, we found otherworldly deserts – it was almost like being on Mars. The horizon just kept going; I’ve never seen anything like that before. I think that there’s a romance and a certain sense of adventure that goes into filming in Africa.”

Other South African locations used included a wine farm area just outside Cape Town, where filmmakers built a village and an abandoned shopping mall in Cape Town, which was transformed into a seedy Bar for a key sequence in the film.

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