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Technology defines future classrooms
Posted on: August 21st 2017
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Technology is becoming all - pervading. It is disrupting and enabling at the same time to all businesses. While the advent so far is more enabling in the education sector, that day is not far when education will have to brace with managing the disruptions being created by technology, especially in the future of jobs and education.

As we further push the envelope for learning potentiality, the design of the traditional classroom has changed. When technology has found its way in everything we do, how can classrooms be left out?

According to a recent study by IT Trade Association CompTIA, around 75 per cent of educators think that technology has a positive impact in the education process. However, as with any invention, there are some who believe that technology has a tenacious hold on our activities and we may be too reliant on it to perform even mundane daily chores. With children taking notes on their tablets and app-based learning replacing homework, some parents fear that schools may be plugging the students into a life of technology dependency. But one needs to understand that, as educators, it is our responsibility to prepare our students to be global citizens once they step out of school and into the job market 10 to 15 years from now. With the advent of a digitally connected world, it is imperative that our children do not learn in isolation, and understand the world outside the classroom apropos to their lessons. Today, children are already exposed to technology with it being their entertainment companion. Then why not introduce the same in their learning environment, where we can enable them to use it more productively in the most crucial phase of their life. A teaching methodology that is modern in its approach endows the children with the skill set necessary to not only survive but also thrive in this rapidly changing environment

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