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Men can now ‘switch off’ their sperms during sex
Posted on: August 22nd 2017
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Frankly, the truth is we actually don’t. This is why some German nerd may be onto something with the discovery of the ultimate switch.

Have you heard of Bimek SLV; the so-called sperm switch? The device apparently allows men to block sperm from mixing with semen before ejaculation. So, a man can actually do what he has to do without fear or worry that he’ll be adding another digit to the world’s population.  Bimek SLV is reputed to offer men the freedom to decide whether to have a child with just the push of a button. The beauty of it is that you don’t have to resort to the permanent option of vasectomy.

The company that manufactures this tiny gadget may easily have its way with the European market where liberalism is the norm. What of Africa? “In this part of the world, I highly doubt if they will have a market,” says Dr Wachira Murage of Savannah Healthcare Services.

Dr Murage who is an obstetrician/gynaecologist, has practiced for years, but he highly doubts if men on the continent will take up the ‘contraception.’ “Vasectomy is quite a success in Europe. In Africa, the uptake is close to zero per cent. Since this new gadget may mimic, to a great extent, vasectomy, it may not achieve much traction,” observed the doctor.

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