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It's Not Just You: PSN Is Down Again
Posted on: January 27th 2018
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Just a few days after a scattered outage that persisted, to some degree, over the course of several days, Sony's PlayStation Network appears to be down again, affecting gamers on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, and particularly vexing to anyone hoping to hop into Monster Hunter: World, just released today. This time the problem appears to be more widespread, however. The PSN status page currently shows all services as red except PlayStation Vue, which is good news for PlayStation Vue users but bad news for everyone else. PlayStation support also acknowledged the problem on Twitter.

This does not appear to be part of any sort of planned maintenance, so it's hard to know how long the outage will last. The last outage continued intermittently for about three days, and while many players were able to connect at various times during this time, many others could not. It's unclear if today's outage stems from similar causes, or if we can expect more problems to occur as Sony gets at the root of the problem. Both PSN and Xbox Live have been generally more stable than they were towards the beginning of this console generation, but outages like this are a tremendous pain regardless.

We'll let you know if Sony communicates anything about the cause of the problem or its expected schedule for bringing the service back online. Nearly every AAA game on the market these days includes some sort of online component or operates exclusively online, so a PSN outage has a way of bricking the console for a large number of gamers.  It's a little hard to tell exactly what's going on with these continuing technical problems, but hopefully, Sony will get the thing sorted out soon. More on the situation as it develops, and hopefully we'll all be playing Monster Hunter: World soon. At least those of us who can figure out how to.

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