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'I WANTED TO DIE' Gym addict, 21, paralysed after 70kg weight fell on her
the sun
Posted on: November 12th 2017
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A STUDENT who regularly trained at the gym was paralysed when a 70kg weight fell on her after she slipped using a squat machine.

Sophie Butler, 21, was using the same machine she used nearly every day for two years when she lost her footing causing the weight to fall on her and fracture her spine.

Sophie, from Basildon, Essex, was left paralysed and in need of an urgent operation to save any chance she had of being able to walk again after the accident on July 5.

“It was the same day as I had received my final university results,” she recalled.

“Me and my dad were planning on going out to celebrate but both wanted to go to our separate gyms first.

“I was doing my last set on the machine when I lost my footing and fell to the floor with weight in top of me.

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