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Demi Lovato Talks About Her Road to Stardom in Billboard Artist Pass
Posted on: September 3rd 2017
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Demi Lovato brought Billboard backstage at our Hot 100 Festival at Jones Beach in August for our Snapchat Artist Pass video series. The pop star gave us a glimpse of her pre-show routines and the impact her fanbase has on her. 

Lovato recently rose in the Social 50 chart at No. 3 and has a new album Tell Me You Love Me coming out on Sept. 29. Since leaving behind her Disney Channel days, her career has continued to grow tremendously, becoming one of the most consistent pop stars of this generation.

Lovato recognizes that the road to stardom hasn’t been easily, but it is well-deserved after years of hard work. She said, “You work so hard for so long and success definitely doesn’t happen overnight. For me, it took time, and when Camp Rock came out, that was kind of an overnight situation -- but I'd been working on it for years.”  

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