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Apple Was Still ‘Fine-Tuning’ iPhone 8 Specs Until Last Week
Posted on: September 4th 2017
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A South Korean parts supplier for Apple has confirmed speculations that the tech giant could be delaying the release of its first OLED smartphone. The company is even said to have not finalized iPhone 8’s specifications until just a week ago. 

On Monday, an official from an Apple supplier based in South Korea did an interview with The Investor on condition of anonymity. The official interestingly dished that Apple was still unable to come up with the final spec sheet for its flagship smartphone until last week. “Apple has not yet informed us the exact supply volume as it was still fine-tuning hardware specifications for the OLED iPhone until last week,” the official said. 

The official’s statement has two main points that may easily disappoint Apple fans. First is the idea that Apple was still not certain on how its iPhone 8 should be like until a week ago. The second one is, of course, the notion that Samsung’s biggest rival was still unsure of the supply it intends to make at this point. These uncertainties could negatively impact the expectations for the 10th anniversary model given that Tim Cook’s firm is already known to be launching its new products on Sept. 12. 

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