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30 Strangest Fast Food Offerings Ever
Posted on: February 20th 2018
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Hamburgers, french fries, and chicken nuggets are pretty standard fast food offerings in every part of the world, but...
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Hamburgers, french fries, and chicken nuggets are pretty standard fast food offerings in every part of the world, but there are dozens of other dishes sold by restaurant giants such as Wendy’s, McDonald’s, and Taco Bell around the globe that specifically cater to local crowds and tastes.

While some of these dishes, such as the Greek Mac sold at McDonald’s Cyprus and Greece, sound intriguing, others, like Dunkin’ Donuts China’s Dry Pork And Seaweed Donut, seem downright strange. However, though the flavor profiles differ from country to country, one thing remains constant: A great deal of fast food is unhealthy, regardless of where you’re eating it. If you’re looking for more nutritiously-minded fast food choices, we’ve got you covered with Every Menu Item at McDonald’s—Ranked!

1. Doritos Crunchy Crust Pizza

Where You Can Get It: Pizza Hut Australia

In Pizza Hut stores throughout America, we have pies that are packed with meat and have crusts filled with cheese, but our friends Down Under took things to the next level in late 2014 when Pizza Hut Australia debuted the Doritos Crunchy Crust Pizza. Though the name is pretty self-explanatory, we’d be remiss not to tell you that this baby was made with made with mozzarella cheese layered with Doritos and sprinkled with cheddar cheese. Per Pizza Marketplace, this “seriously loud, but delicious” creation, which was only available for a limited time, was “the kind of pizza that needs to not only be eaten but heard to be believed.”

2. Buffalo Latte

Where You Can Get It: Tim Horton’s (Buffalo, NY)

Though Tim Horton’s is a “Canadian” fast food chain (it’s now owned by Burger King), this savory and highly unusual latte was only available in two of their locations in (where else?) Buffalo, New York in late 2017. According to a press release from the company, the unique beverage consisted of “freshly brewed espresso, steamed milk, mocha, and bold Buffalo sauce flavor, the latte is topped with whipped topping and a dusting of zesty Buffalo seasoning.”

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