Jean-Claude Juncker outlines vision to win back 'hearts and minds' of EU citizens
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Jean-Claude Juncker outlines vision to win back 'hearts and minds' of EU citizens
Posted on: September 13th 2017
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In his State of the Union speech, European Commission President Juncker has praised the bloc for "bouncing back" after 10 years of crises. He has outlined bold proposals for the Eurozone, trade and migration

 European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker has endorsed the creation of a Eurozone finance minister and a European monetary fund.

- The Commission chief has ruled out Turkish EU membership "in the foreseeable future."

- Juncker has called on European states to help improve the "scandalous" conditions in Libyan migrant centers to prevent people fleeing Africa to Italy over the Mediterranean.


'Wind back in Europe's sails

Last year, European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker had little to cheer about in his flagship address before the European Parliament. If anything, it was a call to stop the collapse EU. 

Now, a year on from Brexit and with European economies on the upswing, Wednesday's speech struck a far more optimistic note, as Juncker praised the bloc's achievements over the last 12 months and laid out his vision for the bloc's future.

"After 10 years of crises, economies are on the rise and the European Union is bouncing back" he said. "The wind is back in Europe's sails, it now has a window of opportunity."

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